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Coarse Fishing, Angling, Ponds and Lakes

Luccombes Coarse Fishery provides five well-stocked ponds for pleasure fishing. Day ticket fishing is available from 7.30am till 8.30pm, night fishing is also offered. A variety of fish are available including carp, crucian, koi carp, bream, tench, roach, perch and rudd. There is no reservation of swims, 1st come, 1st serve only.

Fishing equipment is available for hire, including:
• Rods and reels (set up) and whips

A range of tackle is available in our shop, including:
• Hooks of various size and type (eyed, hook to nylon, hair rigs etc.)
• Floats, leads and lines
• Bait bands
• Bank sticks
• Landing nets
• Unhooking mats.

An assortment of bait is available including sweet corn, trout pellets, ground bait, soft pellets and meat in various flavours. We also have live baits such as maggots and worms. Call the fishery at 01392 833 571 to check availability.

Fishing Ponds Satellite View

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Fishing Prices

The following day fishing charges apply per person.

Ticket Type Price
Day Ticket – Adult  (1 / 2 / 3 rods) £7 / £8 / £9
Day Ticket – Concession (1 / 2 / 3 rods) £6 / £7 / £8
Day Ticket – Junior (Under 16s) £5.00
Evening Ticket (After 4pm) £5.00
Non Fishing Day Visitors Free
Night Fishing 
24 Hours (Up to 2 rods) £14.00
24 Hours (3 rods) £17.00
Non Fishing Visitor
£2.00 per night
Fishing Pass for Campers
3-Day Pass (Up to 2 rods) £15.00
7-Day Pass (Up to 2 rods) £30.00

Day ticket fishing is from 7.30am till 8.30pm.
Discounted rate for Day Fishing Pass for Campers/Visitors who fish between 3 or 7 consecutive days

Fishing Do’s and Don’ts:

• Please pay on arrival and park your vehicle at spaces provided. You can unload equipment at the designated areas near the ponds but NO PARKING ON THE GRASS.
• Under 16’s must be accompanied by a responsible paying adult.
• All Anglers must possess an E.A rod license, suitable for coarse fishing and in date.
• No outside nets & mats allowed. Each swim is supplied with a landing net and an unhooking mat. Please bring your own handle or enquire at reception for any rental. Cradles and nets are provided on specimen ponds.
• No keepnets, except during winter matches and fishery keepnets only.
• No lead core.
• Barbless hooks only.
• No artificial baits
• No nuts or fixed feeders.
• Minimum of 12lb line to be used when fishing on Ash pond.
• Night fishing is available to over 18’s only.
• Maximum stay of 48 hours on any 1 swim
• Never leave your rods unattended, even with a bite alarm.
• NO RESERVATION OF SWIMS. Be considerate and let fellow anglers have a fair chance. Any personal equipment left behind to ‘reserve’ a swim for a long period of time, will be removed by the management
• Please handle all fish with care. Kneel down low and keep the fish over the landing mat for any photo taking.
• Take all your litter with you and use the bins provided.

If you have any queries, please call the fishery at 01392 833571.

Fishing Gallery

Larch Pond
Luccombes Larch Pond is ideal for pleasure fishing and is stocked with many fish including small carp, koi carp, tench, bream, roach, perch and rudd. Conveniently located near the overflow carpark, with 2 accessible swims.

Ash Pond (Specimen Pond)
Luccombes Ash Pond is up to 8 foot deep and stocked with large double figured carp up to 27lb. 6 generous swims for bivvys.

Sycamore Pond
Luccombes Sycamore Pond is ideal for pleasure fishing and is stocked with lots of carp up to 12lb.

Birch Pond (Silver Pond)
Luccombes Birch Pond is well stocked with silver fish and is an ideal beginners pond. Stocked with many fish including crucians, tench, bream, roach, perch and rudd.

Oak Pond
Luccombes Oak Pond is ideal for pleasure fishing and is stocked with many fish including carp up to 18lb, koi carp, crucians, bream, roach, perch and rudd.