Luccombes Coarse Fishery Ponds


Located right at the top of the property, Oak pond gives a sense of isolation and tranquility being in the individual swims. The surrounding Willow and Pine trees provide good shade on one side of the pond and the sun shines on the open swims on the opposite side throughout the day. Everyone gets a view of the swaying reeds in the middle. This is where the fish finds safe haven. Don’t be fooled, stay alert, you got to be quick on this one! The carp are fast and they definitely know where to go. Depth varies 2ft-4ft.

Species: Carp (5lbs-18lbs), Koi Carp, Roach, Rudd & Skimmer Bream

Top Tips: Method feeder. 2mm-6mm coarse pellets or Red Robins. Float fishing with soft peelers/hook baits & maggots.

Avoid: Pole fishing. The banks are not suitable for this type of fishing and we have seen a few missing sections … and pricey repairs!



The popular Silvers only pond have a great variety of species and a good beginner’s pond too. Just mind we might have missed a couple of carp during netting! Swims are spacious for anglers on their own, couples fishing together and for a parent with a child (or two!). We always encourage juniors to try the sport and Birch is a good place to start, especially on a whip or pole. Depth varies 2ft-4ft.

Species: Tench (<2lbs), Bream (<5lbs), Crucian (<1lbs), Roach, Rudd, Perch & Skimmers

Top Tips: Pole fishing, Float fishing with sweetcorn, micro pellets & maggots. Less is more! Little and often approach works well.

Avoid: Casualties! No matter how small the fish are, land & release with care or use the landing net to return the fish. It gets a bit shallow near the swim margins.



The middle pond is a very open area… but don't think the fish do not know where to go! It is fully stocked with small to medium sized carp and a few ghosties in the mix. They are just as swift and tend to swim very close to the margins for cover. Great fun for a days fishing to bend the rod and catch a few. Depth varies 2ft-5ft.

Species: Carp (<10lbs)

Top Tips: Target the margin spots, there’s always a few tucked away and a handful of ground bait and loose pellet might get you a bite!
Method feeder, float fishing 4-6mm pellets, soft hookers and maggots. Pole fishing ideal for intermediate & advanced anglers. In the summer evenings don’t forget to try floating mixers, dog biscuits and bread.

Avoid: Getting snagged in the reeds. We recommend you use minimum 8lb line to get a good chance of landing the carp.



This one is not overstock, a bit more of a challenge and you would need to put some effort in. Ash has the larger carp ranging from 10-20lbs with a few going just over 20lbs. Includes a double swim at one corner and 4 generous swims. Depth varies 3ft-7ft. Over 18s only.

Species: Mainly common & mirror carp above 10lbs

Top Tips: Presenting bright visual hook baits can work a treat. 6-8mm Robin Red are commonly used and have been successful, and so have Sticky Manila. Using small PVA bags or pellets generally works well, on top of good quality boilies in small amounts to start with.

Avoid: Heavy baiting due to the size of the pond being small. The carp are wise and easily spooked with the splish, splash, splosh!



Favourite for many anglers for accessibility and various species mix. Great for all around fishing. Depth varies 3ft-6ft.

Species: Carp (<14lbs), Tench (<2lbs), Crucians (<1lbs), Bream (<5lbs), Perch (<2lbs), Roach, Rudd & Skimmers.

Top Tips: Method feeder & pole fishing to the far bank. Robin Red & Krill pellets works a treat! Use 4-6mm loose feed. When targeting the carp use 8mm on the hook and minimum 8lbs line recommended.

Avoid: Getting heatstroke! It’s a very open area, good to set up your brolly for some shade.