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Please park your vehicle in spaces provided. You can unload equipment at the designated areas near the ponds but NO PARKING ON THE GRASS.

Under 16’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

All Anglers age 13 years and above must possess an appropriate rod license, suitable for coarse fishing and correct number of rods. This is conveniently available online or at your local post office.

No outside nets and mats allowed. Each swim is supplied with a landing net and an unhooking mat. Please bring your own handle or enquire at reception for purchase. Cradles and weigh slings are provided on Ash pond.

No keep nets, except during organised matches and fishery keep nets only.

2-rod limit on all ponds.

No lead core.

Barbless hooks only.

No artificial baits, plastic corn, plastic maggot, etc.

No nuts or fixed feeders.

Never leave your rods unattended, even with a bite alarm.

Minimum of 12lb line to be used when fishing on Ash pond.

ASH Pond is available to over 18’s only.

NO RESERVATION OF SWIMS. Be considerate and let fellow anglers have a fair chance. Any personal equipment left behind to ‘reserve’ a swim for a long period of time, will be removed by the management.

Please handle all fish with care. Kneel down low and keep the fish over the landing mat for any photo taking.

Take all your litter with you and use the bins provided.

We are only a small venue for pleasure fishing and seek your kind understanding to follow the rules that are meant for everyone’s comfort, fish and human safety.   

If you have any queries, please call the fishery on 01392 833571.