We thank you for your patience as we plan and put in our operating procedures. Kindly understand that we are a small venue and a family run business. The virus is still out there peeps, so we ask everyone to be sensible, or you will be asked to leave. Observe all social distancing measures, good hygiene and fishery rules.

We know the ‘new temporary normal’ needs some adjusting to and flattered that a lot of people want to enjoy the beauty at Luccombes, even if you are not fishing. But we appreciate if everyone can understand and observe the current rules, come back later for walks or a cuppa tea, and let the fishery venue be prioritised for anglers to give them some space to do their fishing safely and for us to operate safely too!

🐟 Fishery is now OPEN from 8am to 8pm. Please do not try to come any earlier as you will be blocking the narrow lanes.

🐟 No bookings taken. Turn up or give us a call to enquire. No evening tickets. Night / 24 hours fishing OKAY, 1st come, 1st serve only. Last entry by 6pm.

🐟 Pay at reception before you start fishing. Exact Cash payment or Contactless payment only.

🐟 Entry on-site to anglers ONLY or/and 1 other member from the same household. You must arrive in the same vehicle, at the same time. No visitors allowed.

🐟 No large groups / families for a social, bbq, picnics. No walking around unnecessarily / hanging around to chat. Please respect other people’s space.

🐟 Limited number of swims on each pond and specific swims are open to give good social distancing.

🐟 Only 1 angler per swim (or/and with 1 other household member). You must stay on the same swim for the session. No changing of swims/ponds.

🐟 No rentals available. You must have your own equipment including net handles. Nets, mats, cradles and slings are provided on the swims that are open. No keepnets allowed.

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